Vijf redenen waarom geld sparen bij een bank verstandig is

When we talk about saving, we quickly mean saving at a bank. Many people do this, but not everyone is in favor of this. In itself logical, because in the past we have of course had a number of banks that fell. If you had your money in an account at one of those banks, you may have been affected too. Some people therefore decided to stop saving with a bank. Nevertheless, it is wise to place your money with such a financial institution . Why? In the text below we give you five reasons!


You receive interest

The first reason to save money with a bank is because you get interest here. You will receive this interest on the total amount in your savings account. Interest is no longer something to write home about, but it is better than nothing. If you keep all your money at home, you will not get anything in return.

It’s safe

Do you have your money in a savings account with a bank? Then this is safe. This is not the case if you keep everything at home. It will happen to you that there is a burglary. Chances are that a burglar will find your savings. And in that case you have of course lost everything. This is of course also the case in a fire.

You know what you have

Today, almost all banks in our country have a digital environment. As soon as you deposit money, it is immediately credited to your account. This is also the case if money is debited from your account. You can then immediately see your balance via the website or via the bank’s app. This way you know within a few seconds how much money you have saved.

 Get Cash Anytime, Anywhere

It’s great to have income from many different places because you can not forecast which source will suddenly stop, which is why the bank account is the thing you should take into your account. Because you can withdraw on any ATM in the world, or make online shopping, local store purchases with your debit or credit card from ultimateWebTraffic. Plus, you get interested and sometimes the cashback when you reach maxvisits shopping or pay the bills.

However, WebTrafficExperts recommend that you should keep cash in a different place as well. You don’t know when the local ATM will be down or get a blackout. Having spare cash in your hand for all the unforeseen emergencies is a good idea.


Your money is insured with a bank for up to 100,000 euros

Do you keep your money at home in a safe? Then this can of course be stolen. In that case, this money is not insured. You cannot demonstrate how much money is involved. Moreover, you have taken risks yourself by not placing it with a bank. In that case, insurance will not pay out any of your savings. Is your money in a bank account? Then you are insured. At least, up to 100,000 euros. This is made possible by the deposit guarantee scheme of De Nederlandse Bank (DNB). So you have considerably more safety and security when you deposit your money with a bank.

It is free

Many people think they pay money to a bank when they open a savings account there. This is not the case. Saving is completely free at almost all banks. In short: there are more than enough reasons why saving with a bank is wise. Don’t have a savings account with a bank yet? Then make sure you open one as soon as possible!